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​​​Alfred Sampson Jr. Licensed Illinois

Home Inspector 

My background originated in construction as a Pipefitter foreman for 26 years. My years have been spent in a trade that works from the very core of blue prints, foundations and the very essence of buildings. So, becoming a licensed home inspector was a natural trade I would become invested in. It is a business that is essential to home sellers and home buyers. In 2005, I became a licensed Illinois Home Inspector.

“ I choose Alfred Sampson because he is a long time reliable acquaintance of mine. I liked the professionalism and efficiency of the service. I was very satisfied with the home inspection."

-Mack I. Julion, NALC President 

“ I personally recommend Alfred Sampson Jr. to anyone seeking a home inspection. I have known him all my life and his inspection on my newly purchased home was great work. He is a reliable individual and his work is professional. 

- Ron Fleming. 

I was very satisfied with the service. Alfred was polite and displayed professionalism throughout his service. The report which featured photos of all the areas inspected was very convenient and helpful.

-Cottrell Richmond 

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