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Why are home inspections necessary?

Home inspections are significant because it informs potential home buyers of the condition of the home. It informs buyers of the cost of possible damages that can be unrecognized if blindly purchased. Above all, buying a home is an investment that overtime has the potential of exceeding the beginning price; or becoming a financial burden if the maintenance becomes unreasonable. So, inspect before you buy or sell!

What happens if problems are discovered?

If problems are discovered during the initial inspection then it may lead to you weighing the risk of buying the home. It may also lead the seller of the home to drive down the price of the home, to meet the decrease in value due to discovered damages. For those of you that are selling your home that choose to receive an inspection, it may lead you to fix the necessary incompetence’s to increase the value of the home.

How long does it take to receive a report? 

You will receive  a printed report, with pictures of all areas inspected within 3 days or less. An electronic copy emailed is also emailed. 

​What is the cost of an inspection? 

Single Family Home:         $275.00-350.00

Townhome:                       $275.00- 350.00

Condomindium:                 $250.00

Multi-Unit Residential:      $450.00- 600.00

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